How you can help

‘Harvesting Happiness’ wants to share the beauty of CSA with as many people as possible, hoping that it will help CSA grow. Because through CSA, we can make our agricultural system more sustainable and socially inclusive. Want to know how you can help?

Join a csa! Go online and find out if there is a CSA farm near you. Unfortunately we do not have a map of all CSAs in all countries yet, but maybe Urgenci’s overview map can help you:

Organise a screening of the documentary. Introduce CSA to your friends and family, or support your local CSA farmer by putting him or her in the spotlight, by organising a screening of ‘Harvesting Happiness’. Read more about how to do this.

Help us create subtitles in other languages, so we can share the documentary in even more countries! The documentary is Dutch spoken, and currently subtitled in English. We would like to add more languages, such as German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Greek, and so on. Are you able to, or do you know someone who might translate our English into another language? That would be great! We have a handy word document with all the English text, organised according to the timing and placement of the subtitles, which should make it easy for you to translate. We will then take care of adding the subtitles to the film. Let us know via jildoufriso [at]