About the filmmaker

I’ve been active in the agricultural sector for a long time, approaching and experiencing agriculture in many different ways. On my journey, I encounter many inspiring people and great examples of how agriculture and our food system can be changed for the better. It’s their stories and practices that I want to share with you, hoping that they may inspire and encourage you as well.

My first real experience with agriculture was as a student, researching subsistence farmers and cash crops in the isolated Himalaya. Later, I worked as a farm hand on a large sheep farm in Iceland, WWOOFed my way through Scotland, worked as development worker for SNV in the red-meat sector of Tanzania, as a shepherd, taking care of my flock of 250 sheep in the Netherlands, and as coordinator of Agroecology & Food Sovereignty for the OtherWise Foundation in Wageningen, The Netherlands. As an active member, I was part of the core organisational team of Toekomstboeren; an association for both aspiring farmers and farmers who farm for a more just and sustainable future. Toekomstboeren is also a member of La Via Campesina. Recently, I graduated from a two year practical course in bio-dynamic agriculture, focusing on livestock farming. Since then, I have been working different jobs in and around (organic) agriculture.

Furthermore, I am working on sharing my documentary about community supported agriculture, called ‘Harvesting Happiness’, around the world. Creating subtitles in different languages, and reaching out to communities for screenings, leading to exciting exchanges which bring new and inspiring stories..

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